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Electronic Door Lock Handle

Electronic Door Lock Handle

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  • Keyless Entry: The electronic door lock handle eliminates the need for traditional keys. Instead, it typically uses electronic credentials such as PIN codes, key cards, or biometric data (fingerprint or facial recognition) to unlock the door. This provides a keyless and hassle-free entry experience.

  • Motorized Locking Mechanism: The lock handle incorporates a motorized locking mechanism that engages and disengages the door latch or deadbolt when authorized access is granted. This mechanism is controlled by the electronic components of the lock.

  • Access Control Options: Depending on the model and features, electronic door lock handles may offer various access control options. These can include single-user or multi-user PIN code entry, proximity card readers, wireless connectivity for remote access control, or integration with smart home systems for voice-activated control.

  • Security Features: Electronic door lock handles often come with advanced security features to protect against unauthorized access. These can include tamper alarms, auto-locking mechanisms, anti-pick or anti-bump features, and the ability to set temporary or time-limited access codes for visitors or service personnel.

  • Battery-Powered: Most electronic door lock handles are battery-powered, usually with standard alkaline batteries. Battery life can vary depending on usage, but modern models often provide low-battery indicators or backup power options to ensure continuous functionality.

  • Integration and Connectivity: Some electronic door lock handles offer connectivity options, allowing integration with other smart home devices or security systems. This can include compatibility with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave protocols, enabling remote access, monitoring, and control through dedicated mobile apps or voice assistants.

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Customer Reviews

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I have no issues with it thus far and it works great. I tried a few wireless only to be disappointed.


Love this product, ordered twice now. I recommend this for anyone playing fallout on their computer.


As an avid gamer I love this controller, it is comfortable and easy to use


Bought this as an extra for friends to use. It feels better and performs better than my Microsoft branded controller.


Great lock for bedroom security.