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Long Stick Dual Handle Extension

Long Stick Dual Handle Extension

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  • Telescopic Pole: The extension features a telescopic pole made of lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. The pole is designed to extend and retract, allowing you to adjust the length according to your desired reach. This feature makes it suitable for tasks that require different working heights or distances.

  • Dual Handles: The long stick extension incorporates handles on both ends of the pole. These handles are usually ergonomic, providing a comfortable grip and allowing for better control and balance while using the tool. The dual handle design ensures stability and ease of use, particularly when performing tasks that require precision or strength.

  • Adjustable Locking Mechanism: The telescopic pole typically includes an adjustable locking mechanism to secure the desired length. This mechanism allows you to extend or retract the pole and lock it in place at different intervals, ensuring stability during use.

  • Multiple Applications: The long stick dual handle extension is a versatile tool suitable for various applications. It can be used for tasks such as painting, cleaning high surfaces, reaching overhead objects, performing maintenance work, or capturing elevated shots with cameras or smartphones.

  • Lightweight and Portable: The extension is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and transport. The use of lightweight materials ensures that it is not overly burdensome when extended to its full length, allowing for comfortable and efficient use.

  • Adjustable Angle and Rotational Capabilities: Some long stick dual handle extensions offer adjustable angle and rotational capabilities. This allows you to adjust the angle of the pole or rotate it, enabling more flexible positioning and access to hard-to-reach areas.

  • Compatibility with Attachments: Many long stick extensions are compatible with various attachments and accessories. These can include brush heads, paint rollers, cleaning tools, camera mounts, or other specialized attachments. This compatibility expands the tool's versatility and allows for a wide range of applications.

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Customer Reviews

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This wasn't entirely easy to set up, but the USB dongle is low profile and the controller works so far.


This controller works perfectly on my laptop, playing games on Steam and my nearly one year old son loves watching the colors.


I like that it can be used in PC and some games of Android and Apple.