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Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera

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  • Wireless Connectivity: A Wi-Fi smart security camera connects to your home's Wi-Fi network, enabling wireless communication and eliminating the need for complicated wiring. This allows for flexible placement of the camera without the restrictions of wired connections.

  • High-Quality Video Capture: The camera captures high-quality video footage, typically in HD or even 4K resolution, providing clear and detailed visuals. This ensures that you can easily identify people, objects, or incidents captured by the camera.

  • Live Video Streaming: The camera allows you to view live video streams from anywhere using a mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can check on your property in real-time, monitor activity, and ensure peace of mind even when you're not at home.

  • Motion Detection and Alerts: Smart security cameras often feature motion detection capabilities. When the camera detects motion within its field of view, it sends alerts to your mobile device, allowing you to promptly respond and view the captured footage. This feature helps to enhance security and keeps you informed of any unusual activity.

  • Two-Way Audio: Many Wi-Fi smart security cameras have built-in microphones and speakers, enabling two-way audio communication. This allows you to hear what's happening near the camera and speak through the camera using the mobile app. It can be useful for remote communication, such as talking to visitors or deterring intruders.

  • Night Vision: The camera is equipped with infrared (IR) or other low-light technologies to provide clear video footage even in low-light or nighttime conditions. This ensures that the camera remains effective in capturing important details regardless of the lighting conditions.

  • Cloud Storage or Local Storage Options: Wi-Fi smart security cameras often offer storage options for recorded video footage. This can include cloud storage services where the footage is securely stored in the cloud, or local storage through the use of a microSD card or a network-attached storage (NAS) device.

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Customer Reviews

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I use it to save "events" to memory chip. Software is easy to install and use.


This camera is perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for. The picture is clean and I love that I can spin it around in different directions. Easy set up and easy to understand and use. I love that I can schedule record times so my sd card doesn’t fill up too fast.


This is a really good choice for our residential application. Easy setup, app interface is easy to use, and a ton of features for this cost point, including pan/tilt, 2 way talk and SD storage.